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Relationship between Prospero, Caliban and Ariel in The...

Relationship between Prospero, Caliban and Ariel in The Tempest Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest is set on a mysterious island surrounded by the ocean. Here the magician Prospero is ruler of the isle with his two servants Caliban and Ariel. Caliban is the abrasive, foul-mouthed son of the evil witch Sycorax. When Prospero was shipwrecked on the island Prospero treated him kindly but their relationship changed when Caliban tried to rape Prosperos daughter, Miranda. Caliban then became Prosperos unwilling servant. Caliban serves his master out of fear Prosperos wrath. Prosperos other servant Ariel is a graceful spirit who has courtesy and charm. Ariel has put her services at Prosperos disposal out of gratitude for his kind†¦show more content†¦The audiences of Shakespeares time would not of seen such an actions as that made by Prospero unjust as throughout English history voyagers often took over land from the native people. We learn that Caliban tried to rape Prosperos daughter, ...thou didst seek to violate The honour of my child. When Prospero first Prospero learnt from his mistake in treating Caliban kindly and realized that the only way to treat such an immoral creature was to be strict and threaten or else Caliban will take advantage of his kindness. He understands that the only fair way to treat Caliban is to be strict with him because this is the only form of treatment that Caliban can respond to well. In Act 2 Scene 3 when Caliban plots to kill his master Prospero with his newly found drunken master Stephano we can see that Shakespeare is portraying Caliban as a creature with very base instincts. From Calibans actions, it is difficult to see understand why Prospero does not cast away Caliban. He says in Act 5: ...this thing of darkness I Acknowledge mine, referring to Caliban. On one level, it seems that Caliban is an evil character but on another level, Shakespeare tries to depict Caliban as a part of Prosperos character. This is shown when Prospero accepts responsibility for Caliban. Prospero understands that Caliban is the baser side of himself, even the baser side of humanitys baser instincts. Caliban shows manyShow MoreRelatedShakespeares Presentation of the Relationship between Prospero and Caliban in The Tempest1202 Words   |  5 PagesPresentation of the Relationship between Prospero and Caliban in The Tempest Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ is set on a small island between Tunis and Naples. The play is initially based around Prospero; once Duke of Milan, a loving father to Miranda and inhabitant of the island for the past twelve years, after being usurped by his scheming brother Antonio. When exploring the relationship between Prospero and Caliban, a ‘whelp hag-born’ living on the island when Prospero and Miranda Read More Exploring Shakespeares Presentation of the Theme of Power in The Tempest1647 Words   |  7 PagesExploring Shakespeares Presentation of the Theme of Power in The Tempest In The Tempest, power manifests itself in many different forms. Three of the main types of power that Shakespeare explores are the power of love, the power of magic and illusion and the power of a master over his slave. He presents these forms of power in a number of ways. In The Tempest Prospero appears to hold the majority of the power. He maintains his control over other characters inRead MoreMaster Servant Relationships in the Tempest and Dr Faustus1547 Words   |  7 PagesMaster-Servant Relationships in ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Dr Faustus’ Prospero, in ‘The Tempest’, resides on the island with his daughter Miranda and two mythical creatures; his favourite being Ariel who performs magic for him and is a trustworthy servant- this would cause controversy with the audience as magic was a concept both feared and believed in at the time this play was performed. The other is Caliban, son of Sycorax- the witch who used to ‘own’ the island; he is more suited to the role ofRead MoreThe Tempest - Relationship Between Prospero and Caliban1667 Words   |  7 Pagesdramatic methods Shakespeare uses to present the relationship between Prospero and Caliban. ‘The Tempest’ was the last play written by Shakespeare and is widely regarded to be his greatest play. ‘The Tempest’ is thought to have been written about the year 1610. All of Shakespeare’s previously used genres are in the play: romance, tragedy, comedy and history. ‘The Tempest’ adheres to the three classical unities, unity of time, action and place. ‘The Tempest’ takes place in a twenty-four hour time periodRead MoreExamples Of Colonialism In The Tempest944 Words   |  4 PagesThe Tempest, written by playwright William Shakespeare is one of his most popular, yet also controversial plays. This paper will discuss the postcolonial interpretations of Shakespeare’s play, by looking at the nature of colonialism, and how it has been incorporated within his play, through the role of the colonized versus the colonizers. This paper will also compare how 21st century audience’s views may differ to that of the traditi onal Elizabethan’s, in relation to the play’s treatment of the originalRead More tempcolon Confronting Colonialism and Imperialism in Aime Cesaires A Tempest1403 Words   |  6 PagesColonialism in A Tempest   Ã‚  Ã‚   A Tempest by Aime Cesaire is an attempt to confront and rewrite the idea of colonialism as presented in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.   He is successful at this attempt by changing the point of view of the story.   Cesaire transforms the characters and transposes the scenes to reveal Shakespeare’s Prospero as the exploitative European power and Caliban and Ariel as the exploited natives.   Cesaire’s A Tempest is an effective response to Shakespeare’s The Tempest because heRead MoreThe Tempest By William Shakespeare1705 Words   |  7 PagesLiterature Mr. Nath 5 December 2014 The Tempest Written between 1610 and 1611, The Tempest by William Shakespeare is the final play penned by the famous Bard. The play portrays the illusory struggle of power and conscience through the character of Prospero and his egocentric motives. Politically, the play can be seen as an analysis of important political issues relevant to that of oppression and imperialistic tendencies of the time. Artistically, The Tempest emphasizes the nature of art, more prominentlyRead MoreThe Tempest By William Shakespeare1446 Words   |  6 PagesThe Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare around 1610 toward the end of his career as a poet and playwright. The Tempest fits in the genre of tragicomedy. The genre blends aspects of tragedy and romance together which are depicted in a humorous way. The Tempest is set on an island where its location is unspecified. The play finds Prospero and Miranda, ousted former Duke of Milan and his daughter, living in exile on an island with Caliban, its lone nat ive inhabitant. Change affects theRead MoreTheme Of Freedom In The Tempest821 Words   |  4 Pagesthemes in Shakespeare’s The Tempest it undoubtedly that of freedom, mastery and servitude. Several different dynamics of servitude are presented in the relationships between the characters. Throughout this essay I will explore some of these relationships, and demonstrate the different ways in which the characters function in them. Although â€Å"it is now impossible to teach the play without some discussion of colonialism† (DeCoursey, 43), McConnell highlights the difference between the perception of master-servantRead MoreThe Postcolonial Interpretations Of Shakespeares The Tempest1512 Words   |  7 Pages The Tempest, written by playwright William Shakespeare is one of his most popular, yet also controversial plays. This paper will discuss the postcolonial interpretations of Shakespeare’s play, by looking at the nature of colonialism, and how it has been incorporated within his play, through the role of the colonized versus the colonizers. This paper will also compare how 21st century audience’s views may differ to that of the traditional Elizabethan’s, in relation to the play’s treatment of the

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The Problem Of Substance Abuse - 2107 Words

Substance abuse is a contributing factor and very often a result of homelessness. Homeless youth are at greater risk for addiction and addicted youth are at greater risk of being homeless. According to a study by Peterson (2006). Homelessness and addiction have many correlations. The financial, social, physical, and psychological effects are profound. Financially, it is very difficult to support a household and a habit. Many homeless people choose to spend what meager funds they acquire on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or whatever their addiction happens to be. Often you will see a homeless person flying a sign and smoking a cigarette. In spite of the fact that they are begging on the street for whatever few cents they can persuade passers-by to part with, their first few dollars goes to purchase cigarettes rather than food. While cigarettes may not cause you to be homeless, it is a symptom of a much deeper problem. Socially, one of the things that often occurs with homeless, addicted youth is disaffiliation. The isolation and withdrawal from society in general. The weakening of important social and societal bonds that normally provide the support system that is so important in this phase of their development Thompson et al.,(2009). This estrangement may manifest in the form of trouble with the law, poor academic performance, or withdrawal from relationships that formerly held significance. The anti-social manner of day to day survival can also be a contributingShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Substance Abuse1379 Words   |  6 Pagesdo anything to satisfy their personal need(Whelan et al., 2013). In this paper I will be focusing on a 26 year old women named Aimee Parry and her addiction to fentanyl. According to Larm et. al, (2015) substance abuse is defined as an overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. I will be applying the following three theories of drug use to this intervention case, the Gateway, Bio genetic theory, and Merton s strain theory. Firstly, the Gateway theoryRead MoreThe Problem Of Substance Abuse942 Words   |  4 Pagesdetermine potential disorders that may be the root to a problem. Though at times a client may seek counseling with a known substance abuse issue there are more cases where a client is oblivious to the potential contribution that substance abuse has on the problem that help is sought for. Understood that substance dependency is nondiscriminatory to age, gender, race or creed, a therapist approaches the matter with the client knowing that a problem is recognized and there is a hope for a solution beingRead MoreThe Problem With Substance Abuse1482 Words   |  6 Pagesworking publically to support specific causes, address problems, actively participating in politics and lobbying for a cause/ belief. Vocally working to support individual patients needs or rights, and working to educate the public regarding the cause. Nurses should be observant of patient’s behaviors and sensitive to pat ient’s communication cues. (Felicilda-Reynaldo, 2015) Substance abuse patients most often deny or downplay that they have a problem. The patient has to be honest with themselves and theyRead MoreThe Problem Of Substance Abuse Essay779 Words   |  4 Pages The biggest social problem in my community that has the biggest impact on the future of the children, in my opinion, would have to be the incredible amount of substance abuse that occurs in a town with a population of only (approx.) 1,400 people. I say this because this problem isn’t something that only a couple of the citizens suffer from and it doesn’t just happen behind closed doors. A surprising amount of people in this community are openly addicted to one drug or another and that is not includingRead MoreSubstance Abuse Is Not A New Problem894 Words   |  4 PagesSubstance Abuse Drug abuse is not a new problem, it has been happening for the longest time, abusing drugs has always been an interesting topic to me because I have never been able to grasp the concept of why addicts start or continue when it is clearly obvious that it has negative effects on the human body. It is a popular conception of common sense, but is false. Drug abusers sometimes are not educated enough to know the damages or the addict truly believes they are not addicted. This topic sparksRead MoreThe Problem Of Substance Abuse And Addiction752 Words   |  4 Pagescocaine was used medicinally as an analgesic and Freud himself was also researching other uses for this substance until he learned its addictive qualities. Even after he stopped promoting cocaine publically and considered this simply a chapter in his life, his usage did not stop entirely as he continued to use for various expressed reasons. Even in the background of this very subject substance abuse and addiction can be seen wh ether through research for the greater good that went bad or just addictionRead MoreThe Problem Of Elderly Substance Abuse1490 Words   |  6 PagesPeople are often surprised to learn that elderly people abuse drugs and alcohol at extremely high rates. In fact, elderly substance abuse has become something of an unknown epidemic in the country, impacting an ever-increasing number of people. Sadly, this problem is often ignored or misunderstood and elderly people with addictions rarely get the help they need. Hopefully this problem changes for the good before it changes for the bad. Until then, it s worth knowing more about it, including theRead MoreSubstance Abuse : A Social Problem1608 Words   |  7 Pagessocial problems, some common issues that come up relate to the environment, discrimination, poverty, healthcare, and more. While these issues are important and must be addressed, we must also take substance abuse into consideration because it is all too often neglected. According to the World Health Organization, substance abuse â€Å"refers to the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs† (Substance). Individuals who become victims of substance abuse becomeRead MoreSubstance Abuse And Mental Health Problems877 Words   |  4 PagesFINAL PROJECT 2 Introduction Substance abuse and mental health problems are serious issues in our society. These problems appear to be associated, so it is necessary to look at both and how they interact (Ramchand). Substance abuse can bring about or exacerbate existing mental health problems, including suicidal ideation and attempts. Medical professionals cannot begin to resolve the issue of substance abuse related suicidal ideation or attempts unless they have an effective solutionRead MoreProblems With Sexual Health And Substance Abuse1452 Words   |  6 PagesProblems with sexual health and substance abuse are prevalent in the New York City area. ). â€Å"Reproductive and sexual health covers a broad range of health needs from adolescence forward, including the reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and fertility. Untreated STDs can lead to serious long-term health consequences† (Healthy people 2020, 2015. An estimated 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs ) are diagnosed each year in the United States; almost half of

The Greek Achievement Free Essays

Greece is the most prominent civilization and achievement in the history. Greek created many achievements in architecture, art, philosophy, mathematics and science. It occupied a very important position in the history of world culture. We will write a custom essay sample on The Greek Achievement or any similar topic only for you Order Now Moreover, there are no doubt that the contributions to the human society had a significant impact on the history. Also, There are some of the Greek achievements which still have impact on the world. Some information of achievements are below architecture and philosophy. Firstly, the style of architecture was mainly by Classical order. It represents the order of a building. Due to the Greeks believed that Zeus is very important in the gods of Greek mythology. And then, the gods of Mount Olympus looks like a human. They need the construction of buildings to protect them. For instance, the Parthenon which was built in Athens and accordance with strict laws of balance and proportion. It is a architecture that full of order. Therefore, this classical style was continued to influence early Western architecture. The most notably monuments is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. In addition, the refinement of form and the architectural of the style were established in the Greek temple. It is a architectural what is influence for the last two thousand years of western building tradition. Likewise, philosophy is also a part of the Greek achievement. Philosophy is a Greek word that meaning â€Å"love of wisdom†. Greeks searched the answers about their role in the universe. The Athenians loved ideas as much as they loved the freedom of democracy. The most famous philosopher in Athens was called Socrates. He dared to raise questions about Athenian values. He believed that is important to examine the laws, social customs, and even religious values. His motto was â€Å"know thyself†. After his death, his student Plato carried on his work. Plato opened the first university called the Academy in Greece which taught students. The ideas of Plato and Socrates are still study around the world now. To sum up, the classical age in Greece was a period of greatness achievement. Also, Greece was a the standard for philosophy, science, history, art and architecture for all different cultures. Therefore, the Greek architecture and the philosophy are still affect in the modern society. How to cite The Greek Achievement, Essay examples

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Zaabalawi Essay Example For Students

Zaabalawi Essay Zaabalawi by Nagiub Mahfouz is a classic story that has a very heavy lean toward religion and social studies. A common man is inflicted with a disease that he is unable to seek out a cure for, so he sets out in search of the mysterious Zaabalawi who has been known to cure illnesses. His search invites outside acquaintances who he hopes may be able to tell him where he can find Zaabalawi. By the end of the story it is clear that Zaabalawi is much less a holy man, but more so a figure one’s own desire for spiritual fulfillment. We will write a custom essay on Zaabalawi specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The common man, played by the narrator, seems to have made a half-hearted attempted to find the cure by traditional means, but not finding success he has decided to seek out Zaabalawi; a man described almost entirely as elusive as the cure to his own illness. Nevertheless, he is determined to seek out Zaabalawi, a man who he believes will be able to cure his ailment, and ultimately cure his affliction by whatever means necessary. Here the narrator gives up on the traditionally accepted means of finding a solution to his problem, and seeks out a more less common, misunderstood means to find it. At this point in the story it is not really clear if Zaabalawi is a real man, or is simply an idea, or a symbol for something greater. Being that Zaabalawi represents a solution to his greater problem at this point, it is clear he has decided that Zaabalawi is the absolute answer. As the story develops further, we see several people enter the story who claim to have once known Zaabalawi. Sheik Quamar, a lawyer in Cairo, suggests that he once knew Zaabalawi but has since fallen out of contact and remembers almost nothing about him. Sheiks situation seems indicative of a man who has fallen out of touch with his spiritual side and has forgotten a lot of things he used to believe in before he found success. This same idea is repeated when the District Officer enters the story. We see a man who appears incapable of offering any real assistance, and goes on to say how his preoccupation with the cares of the world have almost made him completely forget about him. Interestingly, we see here that the man further goes on to explain that the narrators inquiry had made him remember his youth. Here again, we see a man who has fallen out of touch with many of the things that he believed in as a child. Both Sheik and the district officer have fallen out of touch with the beliefs they had once placed importance on, and given them up for the world. Mahfouz is pointing out mans mistake of misplacing importance, and how we lose touch with certain things due to the istractions of this world. The narrator is now led to the house of the calligrapher, Hassanein. Hassanein is found to be very much in touch with his faith and has his memories of Zaabalawi intact. It is where the search for what makes this man different from Sheik and the District Officer begins. Hassanein goes on to explain how everything he is able to do is because of God, and how he believes sincerely that Zaabalawi would be able to heal the narrator’s illness. Mahfouz introduces another character to further support the progress the narrator is beginning to find. The narrator now finds himself at the home of the famous musician, Sheikh Gad. Gad appears to be in tune with everything around him. His presence is calm, and he proves to be very enlightening. He goes on to explain to the narrator that through his suffering he will certainly find the cure. They continue to talk and Gad explains how through their meeting is no coincidence, and that it is all nothing short of God’s work. .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c , .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .postImageUrl , .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c , .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:hover , .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:visited , .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:active { border:0!important; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:active , .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .udd85da547c8e6a057c0e378d1b71723c:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: English Vs Math EssayThe last scene of the story takes place in a bar, where the narrator finds himself in need of a drink after his long, seemingly fruitless search. At this point, the narrator is stripped of all the things that had built up his tolerance to the world. He was able to forget the worldly matters that have held him back, like many of his acquaintances, in his search for Zaabalawi. We now see the narrator acknowledge his awareness of Zaabalawi, and how his is completely motivated to continue to know him. Zaabalawi started out as the image of a man that would provide the narrator with a quick fix to his problem, but throughout the story we see how Mahfouz continually points out that quick fixes aren’t always as important as finding the reasons behind them. Through the narrator’s disease, he lets go of all the worldly things that end up taking precedence of many people’s lives, and we see how through this he develops an understanding for what is really important in life. Zaabalawi may not be the man the narrator set out to find, but he represents the symbol of understanding and enlightenment that he so desperately needed.

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Inspiring Real-Life Stories to Cover in Your GCSE English Coursework

Inspiring Real-Life Stories to Cover in Your GCSE English Coursework Inspiring Real-Life Stories to Cover in Your GCSE English Coursework We understand that GSCE English coursework is not one of your favourite tasks because it requires a lot of energy, hours and mind work. However, it is one of those assignments that you hesitate to approach, but get deeply involved in after plunging into it. The reason for it is that the task challenges you to appeal to the readers emotionally which is not that easy when you have no idea who will go through your essay. It’s also cumbersome because you have to demonstrate your potential as a writer as well as show the level of your English language knowledge. If you feel at loss as you have no idea what you can write about in this coursework, have a look at our inspiring stories of real people that will help you find that emotional spot. And after that you’ll worry about grammar, punctuation and style because it’s always easier to edit the existing piece than creating it from scratch. Susan Boyle Susan Boyle comes from Scotland. She has been dreaming to become a great singer for her whole life, but only at the age of 47 got she an opportunity to show her voice to the wide public. Participating in Britain’s Got Talent she sang â€Å"I Dreamed a Dream† and impressed the audience, becoming popular shortly after it. During the show she said that her favourite singer and idol was Elaine Paige. In 2009 Susan performed with her in a duet. Team Hoyte Team Hoyte consists of 2 people: a father – Richard Eugene Hoyte – and a son – Richard Eugene Hoyte Jr. Richard Jr. was born with cerebral palsy, and as a result he can’t move properly. One day he asked his father to participate in a beneficial run for a boy who became paralyzed. After that his father started to exercise and eventually ran that race with his son. Through the years they took part in marathons, Iron man competitions together with Richard the Father carrying, pulling and riding Richard Jr. Tricia Seaman A single mother with an 8 year old son was diagnosed with a liver cancer. She didn’t have any family to take care of her child, and while being at the hospital she asked an oncology nurse, Tricia Seaman, to adopt the boy after her death. And Tricia Seaman did it after knowing the woman only for 10 days. Bethany Hamilton A surfing prodigy, Bethany Hamilton, lost her arm due to the shark attack when she was 13. Now she is a 26 year old woman who won a surfing competition with a six-time world champion (who is not disabled by the way). Bethany doesn’t pay attention to the fact that she has only one arm and doesn’t cut herself any slack. These stories are very inspiring and motivating just take a moment and feel how you react to such incredible facts! We perfectly understand that you may not have been in such dramatic situations, but you get the idea what gets people’s emotions going. Choose some event from your life (or even make it up) that posed a challenge for you. Describe how you overcame it and voila! After all, if you need  GCSE English Coursework writing assistance from experts, visit this page.

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File Your Canadian Income Taxes Online with NETFILE

File Your Canadian Income Taxes Online with NETFILE NETFILE is an electronic tax-filing service that allows you to send your individual income tax and benefit return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using the Internet  and a NETFILE-certified software product. To file your Canadian income taxes online, you first have to prepare your tax return using a commercial tax preparation desktop software package, a Web application or a product for an Apple or Android mobile device. These products must be certified for NETFILE. When you file your taxes online, youll get an immediate confirmation that your return has been received. If youve made arrangements for direct deposit and the Canada Revenue Agency owes you a refund on your income taxes, you should get a faster refund than if you file on paper, possibly within two weeks. However, its not quite as simple as hitting the send button on your email program, so leave some time to get prepared and to get comfortable with the system. Eligibility to File Taxes Online Although most income tax returns can be filed online, there are some restrictions. For example, you cannot use NETFILE to file a return for a year before 2013, if you are a non-resident of Canada, if your Social Insurance Number or individual tax number begins with 09  or if you went bankrupt during the preceding two years. There are quite a few other specific restrictions, so be sure to check the full restrictions list before you begin. Software to File Taxes Online To file your tax return online, you must prepare your income tax form using software or a Web application certified by the CRA for the current tax year. The CRA tests and certifies software between December and March, so it is usually at least late January before a commercial tax software package or Web application is put on the approved list of certified software. Be sure the software you plan to use is certified for the current tax year. If you purchase or download your income tax software before it is certified by the CRA for use with NETFILE, you may have to download a patch from the software vendor. Some software certified for use with NETFILE is free for individuals. Check the list of certified software and the vendors site for specific details. Identification for NETFILE Your current address must be on file with the CRA before you send your income tax return by NETFILE. Heres how to change your address with the CRA. You wont be able to do it through NETFILE. You will need to provide your Social Insurance Number and date of birth when you file. You need to provide the location of your .tax file containing your tax return that you prepared using NETFILE-certified tax preparation software or Web application. If you have concerns about the security of your personal and financial information when using NETFILE, you should check the ​NETFILE Security page from the CRA. NETFILE Confirmation Number As soon as you send your income tax return online, the CRA does a very quick preliminary check of your return (usually in minutes) and sends you a confirmation number telling you that your return has been received and accepted. Keep the confirmation number. Tax Information Slips, Receipts, and Documents Keep all the tax information slips, receipts and documents you use to prepare your income tax return. You do not need to send them to the CRA unless the agency asks to see them. Be sure to include your telephone number on your income tax return so the CRA can contact you quickly. Your notice of assessment and tax refund may be delayed if the CRA has to contact you. Getting Help With NETFILE For help using NETFILE, consult the CRAs Online Help. The Frequently Asked Questions may also be useful. Remember, if you run into problems, you can still file the old-fashioned way- by getting a paper income tax package, filling in the paper form, attaching the schedules and receipts, and getting it to the post office in time to be postmarked by the deadline.

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Informative publication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Informative publication - Essay Example This number is insignificant when you compare it with the number of graduates from our institution. For instance, it is evident that over 10,000 students graduated in the year 2013. Summing up all the students that have graduated since 2008 and then relating with the 2000 students with degrees in careers related with science will make you understand the impact of producing insignificant number of scientists. Our current world is changing every day from bad to worse. This is as results of technological changes that have contributed to the pollution as well as depletion of factors that hold the universe together. Majority of the world misuse cases are as a result of lack of awareness. Very few people know how to relate the daily occurrences with scientific reactions. For instance, very few people understand the impact of carbon dioxide to the ozone layer. Telling people that the carbon dioxide results to ozone layer depletion without explaining to them how it happens beats logic. We need to be in a position to explain some incidents in the universe by aid of evidence. It is as a result of this that we are holding a gland Science Congress meeting in our school. The poster that you will receive is designed in a very a unique way in order to grasp your attention. The title of the poster is in large fonts as well as bright colors so that you can see from a distance along expound what the whol e poster entails. The designs of other writings within the poster are meant to grasp your attention as well as convey the message concerning the title of the poster. The venue in which the Science Congress event will take place is written in large and bold fonts so that you can read it easily. The picture at the bottom and left side of the poster is of our guest of honor. Majority of you know Professor Lac Wal and others I think you have heard of him. Those who do not know him will also have